Mark your calendars, friends

I wasn’t expecting to have any news for you this week, but I got a call on Friday afternoon saying they had a surgery date for me, and that date is November 26.

There’s no use in pontificating about this too much, but given that I had two other trips to Cleveland planned before this call randomly came through, I was beginning to think I’d probably not be having surgery until 2020. Not to make a harsh turn literally right after sharing this news, but given how much “dialogue” I’ve seen from people in the wake of last week’s debates about Medicare For All (good) and how “people want to have a choice” (stupid thing that only benefits the mega-rich) I just wanted to say that I’m still shocked that I’ll be having surgery in a little over a month. Even with insurance that, ostensibly, gives me the illusion of a choice, it doesn’t mean I can just snap my fingers and have things happen. I just spend a lot of time on the phone asking nice people if they can possibly do something sooner and then jump through whatever hoops are necessary to make it so I can squeeze into the tiny window that’s been opened for me.

Presumably I’ll learn more from these upcoming visits, but really I’m just counting down the days until I go under and then hopefully wake up and start feeling okay again. I still have a lot I need to figure out about what recovery looks like and how soon I can start building myself back up to some version of normal, but ideally I’ll be back home by Thanksgiving and get to start that process before the end of the year. Maybe! Hopefully! Positivity!!!

Also, I still plan to run that fun little interview some time this week, so I’m glad I have some actual news in advance of that. Anyway, that’s all! A very short and to-the-point newsletter because I don’t have much else to say!