Out with the old

Introducing formerclarity.com

Out with the old

Hello, and welcome back to Former Clarity. And also welcome to formerclarity.com, the new home of this newsletter. As you may recall, this newsletter used to be on Substack, but that's not the case anymore. Technically, those posts are still up on that site but, moving forward,  I won't be posting anything new over there.

There are a multitude of reasons why I made the decision to port everything over but running them all down would be needlessly self-indulgent and self-serving. In short, I was tired of people having preconceived notions about my work purely based on my decision to publish things in a certain place. So I decided to cut those ties and just make something new.

With that also came the idea of ownership. Most of you subscribed to this newsletter because you knew my work from other publications and, as is customary, all of that stuff is the property of some giant corporation that doesn't really care about any of it. That's the reason that big Modern Baseball story I did five years ago (woof) now has a broken image up top and it will probably never get fixed. I guess I just want the things I publish to be truly my own, and that's why all of those old posts, and all my new ones, now live on Former Clarity. And instead of having to remember whatever URL I made over on Substack, you can just head to formerclarity.com and get everything all at once. Easy!  

This will be a short one, but just know this: If you've subscribed to the Substack, you're still subscribed here. So, hey, thanks for being down for this throat-clearing post. If you want to help this thing grow, tell a friend. Send them a link to a post you liked and encourage them to sign up. I'll be doing more stuff here on a regular basis. I've got a couple fun things in the hopper and I'm excited for y'all to see 'em.

Until next time!